Back From The Dead

Oh boy! It's been too long, you guys… I am so sorry. All I have to say is… #college. We are basically six weeks in and I am loving the flexibility of my schedule. I go four days a week (as per usual), but the great thing is that I only go for one hour every [...]

Meet Nicole!

I am so tremendously blessed to have had so many doors open for me and to have met some pretty amazing people as a result. Today, I wanted to take a little break from talking about me and my endeavors, and highlight the accomplishments of someone very dear to my heart: Nicole Evans.Nicole & I [...]


Tomorrow, my article for USA Today College will run at 8 A.M. EST. I had a week to submit my article with all the appropriate paperwork. Here are some things I learned in this short week.1. Writing For Someone Else Is A Whole New ExperienceFor as long as I've been writing my book, I've had [...]


//This picture has no filter- just really bright lighting. I promise.\\For this Q&A, I decided to focus on questions I received specifically about the health of my skin and how I've managed to keep it clear. Hopefully this helps anyone still troubled with acne.1. When did your acne start/how long have you had it?My acne [...]

Life Lately

Since my blog-versary, things have been really busy for me (as per usual) and I am happy to announce that starting next Monday, I will have a more consistent posting schedule rather than it being sporadic ramblings about my life.What I've Been Reading:Where'd You Go, Bernadette? Buy here. So far, so good.What I'm listening to: EVERYTHING.Currently working [...]

My Blog-versary!

Whoa. Not only is this post my 100th blog post, but today is also my blog anniversary, guys!I started this blog five years ago after a friend of mine, Ashley, suggested I start one. At first, it was blubbering/ complaining about my book and I meant to take all of you through the writing process, [...]