I get asked the same questions a lot, so I figured I should have a page dedicated to that!

1. Whoa! You’re in a wheelchair? Why? 

Ah, yes. Yes I am. For those who are just now getting acquainted with my blog, I have a condition known as Cerebral Palsy. Cerebral Palsy is considered a neurological condition that affects body movement and coordination. If you look it up, specifically here, it will give you a more “doctor speak” definition, and you will also find that there are specific types of CP.

My type has been determined as right hemiplegia, meaning my CP only affects the whole right side of my body. Unlike strict paralysis, I do have movement in my limbs, albeit the right side of my body is significantly weaker than my left. I can’t walk or stand without something holding me up, as I lack balance, so if you ever see me in public, you’ll most likely see me speeding down sidewalks in a shiny red scooter or candy purple wheelchair.

2. How many schools do/did you go to?

–Moorpark College

–UC Davis (for literally four months)

–California Lutheran University

3. When did you start blogging? 

I actually began blogging in my junior year of high school at 17. I blogged successfully for about six years and then I decided to take a “small hiatus” that turned into a two year break and me deleting my blog.

4. Whose blogs are you inspired by?

Definitely Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere and my friend Dani’s blog, Dani Dearest. Both sites are seamlessly organized and beautifully laid out, and I like that each one has a specific niche, but they aren’t limited by one category.

5. What do you use to create graphics and take your pictures?

Adobe Spark or Canva for editing and graphics, and either a photographer’s fancy camera or my iPhone X for pictures.