Santa Barbara Fun!

Last month, my friend Chloe offered to take me to the Santa Barbara Zoo. When I told her I hadn't been in ages, she informed me that her family had a membership pass that allowed family members and a guest admittance to the zoo for FREE. We decided that for my birthday we would go, [...]

21… So far.

So, as you all may or may not know, I turned twenty-one in the beginning of March. A lot of you requested a post on what being twenty-one is like for me and how I am enjoying it. Well, ask and you shall receive:Contrary to what this picture suggests, over the course of the last [...]

And Now We Wait… Reflections & Realizations

Hello, beautiful people! I have officially submitted 7/8 college applications: University of San Francisco, USC, Cal Lutheran, UCLA, UC Santa Cruz, UC Davis, and UC Berkeley.The very last one to be submitted is the one that you guys have seen me post about quite often: Stanford University.||Stay Positive||I am really, really excited to feel the [...]