State Of The Union

And by union, I mean me.

Hi. Should I say “welcome back!” to myself, or…?

Anyway, for a very significant amount of time, I abandoned this little part of me. Here’s what I’ve been up to since:

I started this blogging thing at 17 after my high school friend, Ashley, told me that I should start writing down my thoughts. I started my little internet corner that night and continued it until the age of 21. I had amassed over 25,000 readers a day (a relatively small chunk of people in this day and age).

If you’ve been on my social media for a while you know that this blog was my way of talking about my journey through college and documenting the ups and downs of that journey. It took a lot of different, unexpected turns and due to not being able to keep up because of my mental health, I stopped writing anything entirely. I vowed to continue one day, and I tried to, multiple times, but my motivations fell short.

So, here I am again, ready to keep the promise I made to myself. My little internet corner is alive and well.

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