College Update Two: Two Weeks From Yesterday

Well, it’s official. In two weeks (exactly 13 days), I will finally receive my admissions decision from Stanford University. All of you have been on my journey through community college so I decided to do a little post about what I’ve learned and experienced, and for those who don’t know about my history  with Stanford, I’ll give a background:
When I was 10-years-old, I saw my aunt graduate (in three different ceremonies) and not a lot of people know that in her graduation program, she had a special message for me: 
“To my niece, Miranda, I hope to see you at Stanford one day, too.” 
I’ve never really shared this with y’all, but when I heard those words echo inside Stanford’s Memorial Church, it sparked something in me. All of a sudden, it was as if I became a different person. From that day forward, I knew I wanted to pursue a university education at Stanford. During my time in elementary and middle school, I excelled in all things academic, and in high school, despite having struggled to assimilate to a new environment, I kept Stanford in my sights. 
I’ve visited the university each summer since I began my time at Moorpark College and after each visit, I wanted to stay there. I felt ready; I felt “at home”. It was the first college campus I fell in love with (seriously). But alas, we can’t be too sure of what’s going to happen two weeks from now because while I do feel confident, one never knows. Regardless of the outcome, this entire journey has instilled in me a confidence I’ve never had or felt before. Stanford has pushed me to extents I never thought possible and has taught me that I have a lot more strength than I give myself credit for. So, if it’s a “no”, at least I can say that Stanford made me a better person. It changed my life. 
So now, we wait! 

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