My Thoughts: Selena

So among the many things y’all have asked me to write about this week, a vast majority of you were puzzled as to why I didn’t share a post about one of my role models and one of my favorite singers, Selena Quintanilla, especially since the anniversary of her death was a little over two weeks ago. I wasn’t going to do one simply because time got away from me, but it’s been highly requested so here it is. 
For those who don’t know (or don’t follow me on Instagram), I’m the biggest Selena fan you will ever meet. Ever since I was in the womb (literally). For this post, many of you asked why Selena remains such an important role model for me as well as others. Instead of making a list of points, I’m just writing from the heart:
It’s hard to believe it’s been 20 years since Selena left us. You know, a lot of people ask me the same question when it comes to her: “Why is she so important to you? You didn’t even know her.” 
My response? “You’re right. But that’s exactly why she’s so special, even 20 years after her death.”
The fact is, Selena grabbed my heart as she continues to do so with new and old fans alike. She had a sincerity, a genuine sincerity, and her heart was full of the type of kindness and love that very few people possess. Besides the fact that her music A) has helped me stay connected to my culture and B) also helped me pass four Spanish Honors courses, she also taught me what it means to live; I mean really live. In 23 years, she broke down so many barriers and paved her own way in the music business, and she showed the world that you don’t have to live 100 years to make a difference in the world. Instead, try to make a little change or difference every day you’re here on earth. She did that. 
So, while it would be easy to fall into a melancholy state because she’s no longer with us, try not to because she wouldn’t want that. Rather, she’d want us to live as she did: happy. Everywhere you look on fan sites and Instagram pages, you’ll find pictures of her smiling and/or laughing. So let’s do that.  Let’s help others and be nice to others, show them kindness and smile at them. I guarantee you that wherever Selena is, she’s smiling with you.
To end this, I’ll leave you with just that: Selena smiling. 

“She was a meteor across the dark night sky. So short a life, but what a brilliant light.”

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