Nail Game

It’s no secret that if you follow me on Instagram (@mirandacasanova) and/or Snapchat (username: mirandyyy3), you’ve seen many a “nail selfie” and many of you have inquired about how I get the perfect manicure.  I have compiled a list of your questions and do my best to answer them below:

1. Are your nails fake or just naturally shaped? Should I do fake or natural?

My nails are fake and the reason for that is whenever I would get a regular manicure on my natural nails, they would smudge or peel, no matter what salon I went to. Also, my nails don’t grow out quickly and don’t have a naturally pretty shape to them. 
As for deciding between the two, it comes down to personal preference. I say try them both and get the feel for them.

2. SHAPE: How did you choose?

When I got my first acrylic manicure for my eighth grade promotion ceremony, I opted for the typical square nail shape and this was mostly due to the fact that I simply didn’t know all these other shapes existed. Also, every other girl and their mother had this shape and at the time, I was more of a follower of trends and not someone who set them, so obviously, I wanted to feel cool.

Fast forward five years later and my level of expertise has definitely changed. My first manicure as a (somewhat) full-fledged adult that didn’t include asking for a square shape opened up a whole new world for me. A few days before my appointment, I saw a picture of Kylie Jenner’s longer-than-I-Think-They-Should-Be nails, and I was intrigued. As any girl after my own heart would do, I went to Pinterest and searched: “Nail shapes”. I knew I couldn’t have them like Kylie (nor did I want them that way) or like Lady Gaga, but I knew I wanted a classic, classy, simple shape. Enter: the almond nail. This shape does just what the chart says by giving me a fierce look. It’s feminine and flirty, and more often than not, people think that my acrylics are my natural nails, and that’s a BIG plus! (On occasion, I’ll also choose squoval, depending on if I want to change it up.)

Throughout the time that I’ve gotten my nails done, I’ve heard the same tip: “pick a shape that compliments your nail bed” (which is why I included the above chart) and whilst I am extremely fortunate that I can pull off most nail shapes, my best advice to any of you is: PICK THE ONE YOU THINK LOOKS GOOD! That’s when a manicure really feels good!

3. LENGTH: How did you choose?

Picking a length was easy for me because of my wheelchair. I couldn’t have anything too long because my nails would get caught in the spokes of my tires, and I couldn’t have anything too short because my fingers would look stubby. 
For you: Decide how much activity you do, if you play a sport, and where/how you work. Then, from there, decide how short they should be so they don’t get in the way of what you normally do. 

4. How many different colors did you choose before settling on one signature color? 

First of all, let me start by saying that I am the most indecisive person so whenever my nail technician at my nail salon would hand me all my options to choose from, I would groan because that’s really difficult for me. Once I found the right shape and length, though, I became obsessed with trying a million different colors, but I never loved them enough to keep them.

 So when one of my close friends suggested I do a classic red as my signature color, I tried a few shades before settling on the perfect one. I chose this color red because it was fun, punchy, and totally feminine. It also reminded me of one of my favorite singers, Selena. 🙂

5. How long does the process take and what is your favorite part?

My nails take 45 minutes to an hour. My favorite part is when my nail tech puts my hands under the UV light so that last coat of polish dries! THEY’RE DONE AND LOOK PERFECT!

6. Lastly, why do you think manicures are important?

I think they add a different sense of femininity to a woman. To me, manicures enhance an outfit and just make me feel like my look is on point. As a motivational speaker, I shake hands with a lot of people, so it’s important for my hands and manicure to look fresh and clean. It’s something I can do to pamper myself and I always say, “Regardless if the rest of my life is in shambles, as long as I have a good manicure, I’ve got my shit together.”

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