College Update One- My 2nd Choice No Longer

First of all, I have been accepted to three schools of eight that I applied to: Cal Lutheran University, University of San Francisco, and UC Santa Cruz. I am completely overwhelmed and grateful to be accepted to three great universities.
I am currently waiting on three more UC’s (Berkeley, Davis, and UCLA) as well as Stanford (four weeks!!!) and USC!
My reason for this post is about something else, though. For a while before I was accepted to USF, it was one of my top choices for transfer. I loved the programs it offered for my major, the hustle and bustle of the city, as well as the idea that moving to such an innovate and lively city would bring about so many different opportunities for me to succeed. After being accepted, however, my perspective changed quickly and it became apparent that maybe USF wasn’t the right fit for me.
 A big part of my motivational speaking and informative writing pieces is educating people of all ages about accepting those who have different conditions and abilities, and USF reminded me why my speeches and written pieces are important: People (schools especially) need to always be aware of those with conditions like mine (as well as others). 
The truth is, when I was officially accepted, I was pretty set on going, especially if my other prospects didn’t work out, but then, when I tried to communicate with a few different departments about needing to see the accessibility of the school and how the living situation would work out, it was like pulling teeth. As someone who is a big proponent of self-advocacy, I am intrigued and appreciative when a four year institution can communicate with me effectively. USF had trouble with that and the bottom line is:
Before committing to a university, I NEED to know that I can thrive both in the classroom and outside of it. 

A lot of people have told me that accessibility and having a comfortable living situation are things I should think about after I decide on a university, but honestly, I don’t work that way. I like to be prepared, at least a little bit, and I like to know what I’ll be up against. I need to know about the transportation, the apartment/dorm room structure, and what programs I have access to in terms of accommodations because choosing a school, for me, has a lot to do with living and thriving in the community in addition to the academic rigor.
I was (and still am) super bummed that USF won’t work out for me because San Francisco has always been a favorite city of mine, but as my friend, McKenna, would say, “This just means you’re one step closer to where you’re supposed to be.”
Regardless of everything that has transpired, I am still so honored to have been accepted to such a great university and it means even more knowing that USF is my aunt Fi’s alma mater. I’ll be hearing back from more schools in the coming weeks, including the one you’ve all heard about: Stanford University. So keep checking back for more updates on this truly exciting journey!

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