Minimalist Challenge- Unfollow & Unfriend

Alright, guys. So it’s Monday and the start of a new week. I’ll admit that for the last two weeks I’ve been failing to keep up with this challenge due to my last (and most important) college application having to be in this month. So, now that I’m not losing my mind, I can focus on my little corner of the internet.

For the first challenge, I turned off my notifications for a day and I cannot tell you enough how great it feels to not have 8,000 notifications on my phone screen throughout the day. I still have my notifications turned off because it’s just… freeing, I guess. I highly recommend y’all try it for at least a day because it has helped change my perspective on social media and how much it can consume our entire day (if we let it).

For this fine day, I decided to do challenge #18 (since I don’t have to go in order):


De-stress your social media experience by being a little more selective about who you follow. Do you really need to stay Facebook friends with people you haven’t spoken to in years? Go through your list and downsize.

This one was harder than I anticipated because I didn’t really know where to start. On Instagram, I started by unfollowing certain celebrities (sorry, Kardashian clan) as well as certain brands that I’m not feeling at the moment, which cut my following count in half. On Facebook, I decided that it really is true that you can’t be friends with everyone. I found that there were certain people that I didn’t keep in contact with at all (and they didn’t reciprocate). I discovered that by decluttering my social media following, I was keeping up with the current events and people I want to, which makes my social media experience easier. 
I’ll be back tomorrow with another challenge. In the meantime, go to INTO MIND to start the challenge yourselves. 

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