Minimalist Challenge- Turn Off Notifications

So amidst sending in college applications, writing articles, and finishing my novel, I decided I needed to challenge myself a bit. Enter: 30-Day Minimalism Challenge from INTO MIND. Essentially, this challenge gives you seemingly simple, yet challenging (depending on the person you are) tasks to complete over a thirty day period as a way to give you a “fresh start”. You can do them in any order you want, BUT NO SKIPPING A CHALLENGE. 
I started #29 a few days ago, actually, but here it is ( a complete list with descriptions can be found here):


Email and social media notifications make for a very reactive workflow. Just for today: Turn off all notifications and check your feeds only at designated times.

Alright, people. I started this challenge last week after I grew increasingly annoyed with the endless stream of Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook notifications that popped up on my phone screen. I admit that I can simply NOT post on social media, but this challenge has also made me more aware of how much I am on social media and let me say, it’s a little pathetic. 

I’ll be posting more of these challenges and my progress with them each day so stay tuned!

Happy Monday!!

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