And Now We Wait… Reflections & Realizations

Hello, beautiful people! I have officially submitted 7/8 college applications: University of San Francisco, USC, Cal Lutheran, UCLA, UC Santa Cruz, UC Davis, and UC Berkeley.

The very last one to be submitted is the one that you guys have seen me post about quite often: Stanford University.

||Stay Positive||
I am really, really excited to feel the excitement of getting an acceptance letter and oddly, I am excited to see how I handle rejection (if that happens), too. Of course, my goal since the age of eight has been Stanford and it still is; however, I find myself grateful for the opportunity to apply to all these great schools and I can’t wait to see the path I take, even if it isn’t Stanford. Don’t get me wrong, my dream of attending hasn’t gone away, but now I realize that if I don’t get accepted to my “dream school”, life will go on and I will, too. So now… the waiting game begins for the other seven universities. 
In the meantime, here’s a few snapshots of what I’ve been up to. 
||Sweet treats and blue polish||
||My Godson: Pugasus||
||Nights out||
See y’all Wednesday!

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