Life Lately & What I’ve Been Thinking

Guys. I am so sorry for my negligence for the past few months: the sporadic posts, very little interaction, basically disappearing off the blogosphere. The truth is, y’all, is that college has been kicking my ass. Seriously. I’ve been up to my eyeballs in essays, movie reviews, readings for English (which isn’t a bad thing AT. ALL.), and trying to keep my sanity as my last semester of community college comes to an end. Amidst all this, I have kind of abandoned this little part of me, but never fear, three weeks and I am all about this blog. Since I have been absent for so long, here’s a little ‘Life Lately’ update for ya:


Now, normally this isn’t considered the greatest news someone can receive. It is for me. When you have insurance that refuses to pay for pretty much everything, you jump at the chance to have them pay for braces you have been waiting for since 7th grade. NO MORE OVERBITE, HERE I COME.



For my last little update, I wanted to talk about my English class and a discussion we had. English is my major so obviously I strive to do my best and get the best grade possible. I have to say, though, that I’m surprised at the changes I’ve made in this class, both habitually and academically. I mean, I have to be honest and say that this class has totally and completely kicked my English nerd ass. 
I’m serious. It even had me questioning my major choice (but that was only like one time during my 180th meltdown of the semester). My professor brought up two different things that have completely changed my way of thinking. 
He pointed out that now, college is like a means to an end, and very few students actually immerse themselves in the learning of literature (or any subject for that matter). I have found that that’s the great thing about Professor Baker. Sure, I am reading all the greats (Walt Whitman, Herman Melville, Nathaniel Hawthorne), but what helps me remember the literature is the anecdotes he shares in class. I used to be so obsessed with getting an A in EVERY class, especially English classes, but with this class, I find myself excited for the lesson ahead and I am ready to laugh my head off at the funny (although, sometimes he doesn’t intend them to be) things he says. I am a lot more relaxed and ready to absorb the knowledge. I must admit, though, that this class has also taught me that I really suck at remembering passages from stories. 
The second point he brought up was positivity and how one maintains it. Here was our conversation:
Me: “I consider myself a positive person because I have to be.”
Baker: “Do you consider yourself a positive person? I don’t think of you as positive.”
I’ll be honest, this was a “WHOA” moment for me because… well, I am a motivational speaker. I wouldn’t have a job (or this blog for that matter) if I carried myself like Scrooge all the time. Then, it clicked. A lot of people don’t know that in a classroom setting, I hardly make a peep. My mind is constantly working. I am constantly envisioning things and asking questions of the literature. That’s why I am so quiet and for some, this translates to negativity. Well that, and the fact that I am fluent in sarcasm and yes, profanity. The truth is: in order to live the life I do, write this blog, write for USA Today, and be a public speaker, I have to constantly remind myself how far I have come, what I have seen, and what I don’t want to experience ever again. Things from my past. That is what keeps me positive. I have so much beauty in my life now, and yeah, maybe life with a wheelchair can be frustrating, but I am alive, I am healthy, and I am in college, which is something so many people told me I wouldn’t/couldn’t do. Frankly, I spent so much time on the negative train that I am glad to be off. 
Soooo… shout out to Major American Writers for making me get all deep on here! So, I ask you:
Are you positive? If you are, how do you maintain that positivity? If you aren’t, ask yourself why. Then work to change it. 

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