Back From The Dead

Oh boy! It’s been too long, you guys… I am so sorry. All I have to say is… #college.

 We are basically six weeks in and I am loving the flexibility of my schedule. I go four days a week (as per usual), but the great thing is that I only go for one hour every day, which is something I am quite appreciative of. I mean, I’m out at 11:15 M/W and get to sleep in until 11:00 a.m. on T/TR. It’s glorious! I love all my classes so far and am settling in quite easily.

The #1 question in my Tumblr “ask” box was: “HOW ARE COLLEGE APPS COMING ALONG?!?!”

Actually, not as bad as I anticipated. I mean, it is definitely a nerve-racking process, but oddly enough, filling them out has been relatively painless. I think it’s nerve-racking because for the essays, I put a tremendous amount of pressure on myself (the writer in me), but other than that, I believe that starting them as early as I am has definitely helped me be less anxious about everything. Now, when they’re submitted and the “waiting game” begins, that’s when it’ll really begin…

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