New Music Finds- Hollow Fortyfives

As many of you already know, I have quite an eclectic taste in music: from ACDC to Ella Fitzgerald, to Chopin and Lady Gaga, I’m pretty sure I have all my music genres accounted for. There are songs in my iTunes library going all the way back to those eighth grade party songs (“Nobody’s Perfect”, anyone?), to inspirational high school hits, and everything in between. Since I frequently draw from today’s radio hits for new ear candy, it’s always nice to find an up-and-coming act that fits well with my musical aesthetic. Case and point: the band Hollow Fortyfives.

What immediately struck me when I gave the first song a listen, was that they have a sixties rock n’ roll vibe, which, after reading more about them turned out to be more accurate than I thought. Songs like “Silas”, “Speed Trap”, “Crooked Teeth”, and “Bass Jump” really won me over. Perhaps what won me over the most, however, was the fact that their album will definitely be added to my “For When I’m Writing” playlist. Yes, people, it’s that good. 
Since I didn’t provide much background information in this post, I have included a link to their website, as well as links to all their social media accounts. Also included is a link to their Soundcloud and info about upcoming gigs. Enjoy!

Soundcloud: here

Instagram: here  (@hollowfortyfives)

Facebook: here

Website: here

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