//This picture has no filter- just really bright lighting. I promise.\\
For this Q&A, I decided to focus on questions I received specifically about the health of my skin and how I’ve managed to keep it clear. Hopefully this helps anyone still troubled with acne.
1. When did your acne start/how long have you had it?

My acne began when I was 12-years-old and I have struggled with it for about eight years. 
2. When was it really bad?

I never really took notice of how bad it was until middle school when more people drew attention to it and said derogatory comments.
3. Products you’ve tried? 

Proactiv, Acne Free, Neutrogena face wash soaps, and a few over-the-counter medicines, as well as a chemical peel (twice). 
4. If none of those products worked, what finally did?

In the two years that I’ve lived with my grandparents, I’ve had many doors open for me, and perhaps the best one was finding my dermatologist, Dr. Feldman. She immediately identified the issue with my particular type of acne: it is hormonal. Once we got that information, they were able to give me different options for treatment methods.
5. Didn’t birth control work?

For me, no. Because I am non-ambulatory and confined to a wheelchair, birth control can cause blood clots in my legs. So that ’twas a no-go for me, but depending on your type of acne and dermatologist recommendations, it definitely could work for you.
6. What do you use? 

Cetaphil cleanser (seriously the equivalent of Jesus- in a bottle), a sulfur wash, and over-the-counter medication known as Minocycline. I take the pill once a day, every day. Ziana is also a gel I use that is a miracle, however, make sure your insurance covers it, it’s expensive. 
*NOTE* This will not be your exact routine/product. It differs from person to person.
7. Do you use a face mask?

8. Where do you break out most? Least?

I break out the most on my face (cheeks and chin), but never anywhere else. 
9. What makeup do you use? 

 I used MAC Cosmetics for a while before my dermatologist admonished me, saying that that brand of foundation clogged my pores (eeeek!), so now I use a non-comedogenic makeup by Neutrogena called, “Healthy Skin”. 
10. Biggest piece of advice?

Stay CONSISTENT. Part of the reason I never saw results until much later was because I skipped my regimen so many times when I was younger. Now I realize how beneficial it is and have been going strong for the last year, and my skin has never looked better. 

Also: DRINK LOTS OF WATER. You’ll probably hear it a lot, but it really does help. Keep real sugary drinks to a minimum and yes, I still go to Starbucks, but only once a week, if that.  
Good luck!!!! 

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