My Blog-versary!

Whoa. Not only is this post my 100th blog post, but today is also my blog anniversary, guys!

I started this blog five years ago after a friend of mine, Ashley, suggested I start one. At first, it was blubbering/ complaining about my book and I meant to take all of you through the writing process, however, I found myself yearning to expand the topic choice a bit. One of my favorite series I’ve started recently is titled: “Life Lately”. So here’s a little peek into my life as of late!

// I recently settled upon the decision of where I’d like to live come next Fall \\

Top Three

// College apps || big decisions are looming: Stanford, USF, and Berkeley \\
I enjoyed a very rewarding trip up North last month and I realized where I ultimately want to end up when I transfer to a four-year next Fall. At first, I felt the need to apply to every single school known to man simply for the fact that I wanted to see if I could get in and frankly, whilst schools like UCLA and Columbia have fantastic English programs, I look at it like this: there’s a lot more to applying to a college than the prestige that comes with the name. You have to like the area (because, let’s face it, you’re going to be living there for a while), financial aid has to be somewhat available, and also, one must factor in the size of the school: big or small.
I was all gung-ho to apply to some pretty big schools when I realized that 10-15,000 people is good enough for me. I’ve been on a few campuses with extremely large populations (39-42,000) and I began to feel extreme anxiety and this overwhelming sense that I was being swallowed up by the school itself.  Stanford and USF have a population of at least 10-20,000 which seems like a lot in numbers, but differs once physically on campus. Berkeley is just plain awesome and has one of the best English programs in the land. 
While many have told me San Fran would be a bit of a challenge to navigate in my chair, I love the idea of said challenge and the fact that public transportation is available everywhere you go. I love the weather, I love the atmosphere, and I love the people. It took me a while to decide which  I liked more: Northern or Southern California. Well, after this eye-opening trip, it was pretty clear who won that battle.

// Clearly oblivious to the camera \\

Yes, folks, ’twas a beautiful trip, indeed. I find myself closer and closer to my goal at the end of each day and these photos are just sweet reminders of that dream. 
I also would like to thank all of you for reading my blog these past five years. I couldn’t have done any of this without y’all. Your support is insurmountable and I am forever grateful to each of you!
 More to come from my college application progress in the next post. 
‘Til next time, beauties!

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