Life Lately

You guys, I am completely obsessed with Netflix. Mostly because I finally have time to watch it without having to take intermittent study breaks. Life’s been swell since school ended and my summer break has been very well-received. I am resurrecting my old series called “Life Lately” so here’s what’s been transpiring in this little life of mine.
What I’m Watching: Pretty Little Liars on Netflix. I’ll admit that at first, I was a bit apprehensive about this show because everybody was talking about it, and I don’t usually latch on to shows after so many people start talking about it, but alas, I have jumped on the bandwagon. And now… I’m OBSESSED. I have been up for hours watching and although I’m a few years late, I am officially a fan.
What I’m Wearing: Since the start of summer, I’ve ditched jeans and yoga pants for long skirts and dresses. For those of you who have asked, I did throw out my Revlon red lipstick shade because every time I ate anything or drank anything, it would literally get everywhere. Now, I know it’s red lipstick so I should expect that, however, this was just unforgivable. I swapped out the red for a lighter pink shade from Revlon’s Color Stay collection called “High Heels“. It’s great to just throw on even if I don’t have a full face of makeup.
What I’m Listening To: I am currently obsessed with Iggy Azalea and her new album titled “The New Classic”. Every single track is great and it’s one of the only albums I can listen to straight through and not get tired of it. 
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * 

I will be turning off my phone for a few weeks, but I’ll still update my blog via my Facebook and Instagram. It’s just a bit of a break from things so I can focus on business endeavors and family. Talk to y’all soon. 

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