Post-Finals Reflections


Well, y’all, it’s over. And by over, I mean that the worst semester of my two years at community college has ended.

You know, it’s funny. Since beginning my collegiate career as a Freshman, I had it all planned out. I was going to sacrifice everything (sleep, eating, a social life) for the sweet, sweet reward of having an acceptance letter from my top school, and for a while, it worked. I told myself that I was going to get straight A’s and join every club.

I would be lying to you if I said that this actually happened because, while the motivation has always been there, the insane amount of pressure I have put on myself hasn’t translated to all-star grades in my classes.

Let me give you a little more of a back story (in case you haven’t already heard it): I have been a devotee, I guess you could say, of Stanford University since I was eight-years-old. I have visited close to six times and it wasn’t until I saw my Aunt Saski walk across the stage (three different times) to get her degree, that the dream of attending the university really became a goal. High school really didn’t give me enough of a solid foundation to be able to go straight to Stan so I decided (on my own) to go to community college and whilst this was a bit of a surprise to some of my family members, I had known for quite sometime the path I would take for my post-secondary journey. As my aunts warned me that the percentage of admitted students at Stan is significantly lower than that of Freshman applicants, I continued my quest to make it to my dream school.

So, now we are here: The end of my second to last semester of community college and whilst the 4.0 I strived for didn’t materialize, I am just damn glad to be out and done with the most hell-like semester I have experienced thus far. I don’t know what it was, you guys. I just had a severe lack of vigor this time around which is peculiar for someone like me who loves academics more than I can begin to express. This translated to my grades this semester: straight B’s. And whilst B’s aren’t completely horrible, (actually not horrible at all), ever since my glorious summer semester of straight A’ed perfection, that natural high I got from those three beautiful A’s was something I wanted to continue.

After my last final on Wednesday, I came home and took the longest nap ever (I seriously didn’t wake up until the next morning) and when I awoke, I realized why I was so lethargic and weird this whole semester: Since moving back with my grandparents in 2012, all I have been involved in is school, school, school. And whilst I am alright with that (considering my dream school requires only the best of everything), I haven’t really had a chance to unwind and relax, hence the overwhelming sense of fatigue I’ve been experiencing.

This semester made me realize just how important it is to take the pressure off. I feel like, for a lot of college kids, we work so hard to maintain a specific grade or GPA throughout the semester/quarter, that when finals come around, we lose it a little bit. I want to go to Stanford so bad, more than anything, and more than anyone has wanted anything, that I tend to do a bit of overkill, calculating what my GPA would be if I got specific grades, worrying whether or not my grades can actually get there, and most of all, worrying if my dream will actually become a reality or if I’m reaching too far…

The point is, no matter what the outcome is for me or all of you, we owe it to ourselves to take a load off and relax a bit this summer. We’ve earned it. First thing on my summer to-do list? Go to the Westlake Promenade to try a Sprinkles Chai Latte flavored cupcake. I can’t wait…

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