Life Lately

Well, I really suck at keeping up this blog… I’m so sorry everyone, for neglecting this little part of me. Anyway, I’m replacing my series “Five Things Friday” with “Life Lately” which is a series that will basically update you on this crazy life of mine. Sooo, without further ado…

  • This semester is over in like ten weeks and I cannot wait.  It has been, by far, the most arduous semester of my life. When it’s over, I’ll be having a celebratory pot luck to which, you are all invited.
  • As y’all may or many not know, I am obsessed with the internet (specifically Tumblr as of late) and Tumblr was abuzz with The Biebs deposition tape AKA my favorite internet find.

  • I have recently taken a liking to designer bags  (which, up until this last year, were never on my radar) and these are my newest babies from Kate Spade and Coach. While I do plan on collecting  many a handbag over the course of my life, these two along with my others will do just fine for now.
  • Lastly, I CUT MY HAIR, Y’ALL. Here are the before and after shots of my locks.

Before my haircut today, my hair was wild and unruly. There were knots everywhere (including one the size of an orange attached to my neck) and as much as I loved having hair down to the middle of my back, yo girl cannot manage such locks as those by herself. 


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