Five Things (Finally!)

|| Tumblr motivation ||
So you guys… Life’s been a bit cray-zy these last few weeks. Everything is happening. All the time. And by everything, I mean school, book, school, repeat. Granted, I have a pretty good handle on it all, but it’s just completely insane and overwhelming at times. This sense of crazy makes a random flex week in the middle of February (one that means a week long vacation) totally rewarding and all that more blissful. Since Monday, I’ve been sleeping in until ungodly hours (2-3 P.M.- cringe-worthy, I know) and doing absolutely nothing. So while I haven’t done anything completely spectacular on my flex week vacay, I have managed to find beauty and happiness in these five things! xx

|| A sweet snack ||
|| The weirdest, most random (and possibly the new Real World Cast?) ensemble of people you’ll see ||

|| Hot cocoa ||

Since I rarely get up before noon on vacation days, it’s nice to randomly decide to get up in the earlier hours and see the day start from dawn. 

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