You Are Good Enough

Today, you guys… What can I say about today? Well, I only had one class which was nice. Especially because it ended at 11:15, so I actually felt like I had enough time in the day and when I got home, it felt like my day was just starting.  As we all (hopefully) know by now, I’m trying to transfer to Stanford in the Fall of 2015. As we also know, the possibility of attending has been a dream of mine since I was like 0 (Okay, I’m kidding), but it wasn’t in my near future once I graduated high school. While attending Moorpark, I’ve met some pretty rad individuals that have completely changed my life.
Every time I finish a speech, I get at least one person who tells me that Stanford is also their dream school. Then, they ask:

“How do you have the courage to apply? I’m too scared.”

When this question was first brought to my attention, I never really knew how to answer it. I mean, I just do. On the other hand, I totally get where they’re coming from. It’s intimidating applying to any college, let alone one with an acceptance rate of 4% each year. Over the course of two years, I have grown up tremendously. Yes, I have always had slightly more emotional maturity than that of my peers, but I never felt good enough to do much of anything. In high school, I was fine with a 2.8 GPA and not even attempting college. As of right now,  I’m doing pretty damn well for myself and I’ve managed to learn one thing and it’s one thing I want all of you to understand and remember:

Over the last five years of my life, I’ve learned to believe in myself. The bottom line is, the whole world can believe in you, but the only way any dream can come to fruition is if you believe in yourself. You’re going to hit roadblocks, feel like a failure, and wonder why it doesn’t seem to work out, but if you don’t give up on yourself, your dream will become a reality. Have faith and go for it, because you don’t know until you try. Stop saying you aren’t good enough or smart enough. Forget about numbers and percentages. Just go for it.

I believe in you! Do you believe in yourself?

Love you all bunches!

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