Do’s and Don’ts: College Edition

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So, I decided that I would switch things up a bit today and, instead of sharing questions for “Ask Miranda”, I’d share the do’s and don’ts of college for those of you that were asking waaay before “Ask Miranda” even became a thing. 
Being that I’ve been in college now for four semesters, I’ve made my fair share of mistakes (and probably will continue to do so) and I’ve learned a bunch of cool little lessons, too. For those of you who asked, here are my do’s and don’ts of college. 
–Even if you think you don’t need to, try to get to school earlier than your class starts in case you don’t know where anything’s at. (Trust me, you’ll thank me later.)
–Make one new friend in every class- this helps take the edge off for the first week.
–Space out your classes (especially if you’re taking 14 units or more). Have them each day of the week (except, of course, Friday) that way you’re not as stressed and the assignments don’t keep building on each other. Sometimes that extra day in between helps you get that extra credit assignment done. 
–READ YOUR SCHEDULE A BAJILLION TIMES OVER. Pay special attention to room numbers and abbreviations of building names and days of the week. I’m saying this because I was almost dropped from my English class first semester of my freshman year because I read the wrong day and waited at the wrong room for 20 minutes and missed class… Oh, and I was wait listed to begin with.– don’t be that kid. Please. 
–Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep. (No, I do not do this enough.)
–Remember that it’s just a class. If you don’t get an A, a B’s still damn good, too
–USE YOUR BREAKS WISELY and especially if they’re more than an hour long. Go get lunch, nap, or study. 
–If you’re doing group work, and the other members aren’t helping, work on your part yourself, then present it like the badass that you are while the others stutter and stumble for not doing their share.
–When giving an oral presentation, have a friend say something funny before you go up there. The nerves decrease significantly the longer you smile.
–Do the extra credit assignments. They help borderline grades. A LOT.
–Don’t think that the teacher’s not going to curve and then complain to them. Chances are, they’re going to anyway so keep your mouth shut.
–Don’t skip breakfast (Duh!)
–Don’t wait until early the next morning to pack your bags/grab your books- you’ll forget something. Trust me.
–Don’t think one class is more important/easier than another. Treat them as if they each have an equal amount of difficulty.
–Although I’ve been guilty of this, too (far more times than I’m willing to admit), skimming the book 10 minutes before a test while the teacher’s in the room, doesn’t help. 
–Soda is a bore. Get apple juice instead. 
— Don’t study in an enclosed space (unless that’s your comfort level or you have to). Try going outside or studying at Starbucks. Your room should a place you go to forget about studying for a while. 
[Remember this today, friends.]

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