Internet Inspiration

{Note to self}

It’s Sunday, people! Now, usually I don’t have any set series or anything on my blog (except, of course, for “Five Things”), but I’ve been thinking about how I could improve my blog content to make it a bit more interesting. I realized that the one thing you and I seem to have in common is our love for products, procrastination, and the world wide web. So, with that I’ll introduce “Internet Inspiration”. These will be weekly postings of products, places, or quotes that currently inspire me. Enjoy & Happy Sunday! x

Internet Inspirations

Internet Inspirations by mirandaacasanovaa 

1. Testing new recipes in the kitchen: Closet Cooking: 50 Soups to Warm the Soul
2. Scented candle:
3. Super chic (but slightly over-priced) headphones:
4. Because it’s a notebook sold by my favorite designer (Kate Spade) and it’s my favorite book: Kate
5. is there for all the procrastinators out there. Cool experiment done by a mother and son: Distractify
6. My new laptop accessory (it came today) by Gmyle:

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