Five Things

With 2014 here, I’ve come to the conclusion that big things will be happening this year (whether I want them to or not), so I better stay strapped in. I mean, Spring semester begins in like, three days, which means new classes, new teachers, new people, more stress, more caffeine, and more enthusiasm. As much as I wish my break didn’t have to end so soon, I feel that, if it didn’t end next Monday, I would lose the vigor that I have right now. If I get too many days off, I tend to become inert and sluggish, taking more naps than I should, making Netflix my top priority, and neglecting my work (the only thing I don’t neglect is my writing). On the flip side of being “Suzy the Slug”, I can also be too invested in school, thinking about the new semester and stressing over the workload. This doesn’t allow much enjoyment during break. As I begin to ponder next semester’s possibilities, right now, all I want to do is sleep. Hopefully, with a bit of rest, I’ll be able to start fresh tomorrow. Here are five things that inspired me this week! 

//Decor \\

// Gatsby – Fitzy \\

// Song on repeat \\
// Arroz con Leche \\
// New year & new adventures to be planned \\

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