2013 : You’ve been a swell year!

|| CA ||
Tomorrow at midnight it will officially be a New Year (what?!) So many things have happened in 2013, but I think the biggest change I’ve seen is in the way I’ve changed as an individual (as we all do continually). 2013 was my first whole entire year without my Mom around, which was completely eye-opening for me. Other than the occasional help with my tutoring when needed and little expenses here and there, I’ve grown (and continue to grow) more self-reliant and independent every single day. Despite the fact that I didn’t go away to a university straight from high school and I didn’t stay in a dorm or join a sorority, I am much more prepared for college on the larger scale. This year has been filled with new beginnings, sad losses, screw-ups, make-ups, friends came, friends went. Speeches happened, writing awards were won, I got my first 4.0, and gained a new chair. 

-Insurance companies can be conquered- have patience!
-Vons delivers your groceries if you need them.
-Don’t stress out over numbers- especially in school- everything works out as it should in the end.
-Sometimes people really are nice people (Shocker!)
-Lady Gaga really is a creative genius (Disagree if you must).
-Netflix is the reason for my growing procrastination problem!
-Get lots of sleep before finals- NO CRAMMING.
-Not every teacher teaches, sometimes they just talk. 

-Get the best grades you can, don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get a good one.
-Approach everything in life with positivity, no matter how grim the circumstances may seem.
And now we’re heading full speed ahead into 2014, so here are a few things I’m anticipating:
-New semester
-New friends 
-College applications
– Acceptance letters
FINALLY publishing my book
-Make new advances in the beautifying department
-Continue to spread disability awareness
-Read Gatsby (again for the 20th time)
-Get another 4.0 
-Exercise more
-Try to be less of a curmudgeon in my creative stupor
To end 2013 on a happy note, I celebrated at Disneyland with some of my family. I would just like to give a special thank you to all you for your continued support of everything I do with this blog. You guys are so awesome and I am so lucky to know all of you! Here are a few gems from Disneyland (more will be added soon). 
Happy New Year!

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