The Eve Before ‘Christmas Eve’

// Obsessive \\
Hey, you guys! So, tomorrow’s Christmas Eve and I cannot believe that it came so fast. Not to mention, 2014 is right around the corner (what?!).  I am going to save my “End of 2013” post for Friday (maybe) and share a recipe or two next post.  This last weekend, though, was really relaxing for me. I hung out with my two aunts and we trekked to Starbucks, shopped a bit, and came across a little, family-owned bakery called, “Valley Bakery” right in Thousand Oaks which is about fifteen minutes away from me. Of course, I took photos to share with all of you, so I hope you enjoy them. I’ll be back in a few days! Merry Christmas, my loves!
// Peaceful evening strolls \\
// Sweet treats \\
// Sprinkle cookies are my thing \\
// Because it isn’t Christmas without Buddy the Elf \\
Merry Christmas, everyone! Love you all to the moon & back! 

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