Five Things

// Hot Chocolate \\ 
What’s this you see?! A “Five Things” that’s actually on a Friday?! (Yay me!) Oh, gosh. So, with finals being over, I have to say, it feels odd to not have to study, but as of right now, I can focus on my writing. Also, Law & Order: SVU  has been giving me life this past month and I haven’t watched like any TV. Sadly, the last season (12) is almost over on Netflix and I don’t know what I’ll do once it is because it’s all I’ve been watching. H E L P y’all. What other series are on Netflix?! I need suggestions! Anyway, here are the five things I’ve enjoyed this week. Happy weekend! 

// This little one (finally) loves Santa \\
 // Gifts from neighbors make me happy \\
// Lorde has my heart \\
// Lady Gaga & Christina performing on “The Voice” (I cried). \\

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