Life post-finals & ASK MIRANDA

Annnnnnnnnd, it’s over. Yes, people, we survived all the sleepless nights, Red Bull binges, and crying jags. Phew! This semester was honestly one of the most difficult semesters I have experienced so far (and to think next semester is going to be even harder with fifteen units total). I strived for another glorious 4.0 but sadly, it isn’t going to happen this semester. My final overall GPA is an (equally as glorious) 3.53. Now, in a previous post, I discussed my math class being the bane of my existence because I had already taken it once before. Last semester, I failed miserably and had to take it again. My final grade this semester was (insert drum roll sounds)… a B! To say I’m excited would be the understatement of the century. Math is such a foreign concept to me (as is science but that’s another story for another post) and I psych myself out so much that it hinders my ability to understand the concept. Seriously, though, the fact that I was able to raise my grade two letter grades higher is just… AHHHHHH! Anyway, here are a few things that kept me going this weekend/finals hell:

// Pretty trees \\
// Mandela ♥ \\
// ‘Til next semester, Moorpark \\

I had mentioned earlier this week that I’d be starting a new series on my blog called, “Ask Miranda!” Here are the five questions I chose from a few of my Twitter and Instagram followers:

“What are three positives about yourself? What are the negatives?”- Instagram

Oh, wow. Um I’ll start with the positives since those are harder for me to think about and will help me transition to the negatives.

  1. I am very driven and motivated.
  2. I try to see the good in everyone and I am nice to everyone I meet (even if they aren’t the same with me). 
  3. I am fearless
The negatives:
1. Because I am such a driven person and have a natural thirst to be the best at everything (at least by my own standards), it sometimes gets me into trouble. I tend to disregard certain health concerns and things because I am so focused on attaining a certain perfection (especially with school), so when something happens and I end up not reaching that goal, I beat myself up over it, even if it’s something as little as getting a B+ instead of an A. I am just way to hard on myself and the only person who really packs on the pressure is me. 
2. I am sometimes a push-over and let my kindness be my weakness. 
3. I can get very negative at any given time without realizing it. 
“How do you balance school AND a social life?”- Twitter
As sad as it is to admit, I don’t really have a “social life” as of right now. I communicate via text to the people closest to me and sit in the cafeteria at school with some friends on days when I can. The truth is, the most important thing to me as of right now, is to get into Stanford University and finish my literary pursuits. If I have to put social outings on the back burner for a while, then so be it. In order for me to really benefit from studying, I have to completely isolate myself for hours (sometimes days) to remain focused and in a calm, relaxed state. 
“What is your favorite song, and why?”- Twitter

My favorite song is “Happy” by Leona Lewis (I know, you were expecting a Gaga song.) The overall feel of the song just puts me in a really good mood and reminds me of what it means to live a fulfilling life despite hardships. 
“Favorite piece of advice you’ve ever received?”- Twitter

“He can never give to someone else what he could not give to you.”
 I remember I needed this at a time when things in my life weren’t so great with a certain someone. It helped me realize that I am much better off without him.
“What is one annoyance of not being able to walk?”- Twitter
Well, I don’t have any, actually. I guess it’s just my being accustomed to this routine and I don’t know any different. The one thing I will say is the whole “not being able to drive” dilemma. But again, that would annoy anyone, walking or not. It’s an independence thing that I am dying to experience, but hey, my time will come.
Hope you enjoyed that little Q & A! Please leave questions in the comments section below or on my TumblrTwitter, or Instagram and I’ll pick five to answer on here!
 I hope all of you had a fabulous semester/ quarter and enjoy your time off! Happy holidays, my beauties! 

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