Five Things

\\ The face of a little angel //

Sooo, it’s been quite a while since I’ve done a “Five Things Friday” on here and yes, I am aware it isn’t Friday, but I figured Saturday is just as good a day as any other to share the Five Things I’ve loved this week. I got final grades back for two of my four classes and both were A’s so *high five* for me. I cannot wait for this coming Wednesday when I can officially say I am done with this crazy semester! How was your week?

\\ Treats from Mandy Jane //
\\ That face //
\\ My favorite blogger, Emily Schuman, over at Cupcakes & Cashmere acknowledged my existence. //
// In-N-Out, I’ll miss thee \\
While the picture above has people salivating (including yours truly), sadly, I have been forced by the acne and allergy Gods to stop consuming food from The Promise Land that is In-N-Out. Yes, folks, ’tis true. I’ve been able to keep my skin clear (not counting scarring) of any new or worsening breakouts for about six months now. Recently, however, I have been getting a rash on my chest and a few new pimples on my face. Now, I know what y’all are thinking: “Well, gee, Miranda! Could it be the countless Chai Tea lattes you have consumed as of late?” To this, I’ll say that you all make a fair point (and boy, do you know me well), but as a matter of fact, you are wrong. Although I do consume those elixirs of life at least twice a week, I rarely breakout at all and if I do, it’s not nearly as quick. As soon as I eat anything from In-N-Out, a rash breaks out and I swear I can feel a pimple sprouting up on my cheek and forehead. The cause of my little In-N-Out “epidemic”? The oil used by In-N-Out gives me an allergic reaction… Sad, but true. 
I am deeply saddened by this new development and I’ll miss In-N-Out, but I like having clear skin a lot more and if you had to battle acne for eight years, trust me when I say that it’s a sacrifice you’d be willing to make, too. (Well, maybe I won’t go that far!)

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