December 1st

I am SO excited/nervous/overjoyed because it’s officially December which is my second favorite month behind March (my birthday month) and I’m nervous because for the next two weeks, I will be a wreck of a human being due to the fact that finals are on the horizon. But on this fine Sunday evening, I am reblogging on Tumblr and watching some Lifetime Christmas flicks! Happy first day of December, everyone! 🙂

–Everyone should have this on their Tumblr blog–
I feel like I keep repeating this over and over again to myself like crazy. As I have expressed in previous posts, my desire to have a 4.0 GPA (again) has basically taken over every single aspect of my life and most importantly, hindering my progress health-wise. School has always been my number one, but ever since getting into a more structured college routine and actually putting school at the forefront of everything I do, I have kicked it into overdrive, declining invitations to go out, ignoring phone/FaceTime calls, and even locking myself in my room to get revisions done. My first final (an essay) is on December 10th and the rest fall on the 17th and 18th. I’ve stressed out so much this semester that I don’t think I can stress anymore. The truth is, that no matter what happens on finals day, we’ll survive. So don’t worry about a percentage or a number, just keep studying until you can’t study anymore and leave that final knowing you put forth your best effort. We got this, guys! Meanwhile, treat yourself to a Starbucks Egg Nog latte in a Christmas cup!
Happy Sunday and love you all! ♥

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