Time Has Flown By.

Oh my gosh, you guys. I have three weeks left of the semester and everything is just… BONKERS! I feel like I have no time to do all the things I say I am going to do anymore (like update this blog). I want to go out and hang with friends, shop online, and spend copious amounts of time reblogging and repinning on Tumblr and Pinterest, but I end up either sleeping, studying or writing. This week was relatively blah and nothing too special happened, but I have gotten more revisions done so YAY FOR MIRANDA!!!

In honor of Thanksgiving being tomorrow, I decided to share the things I am thankful for this holiday season (IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER:
||Family|| (I would list them all individually, but I wouldn’t have the room on this blog.)
||Lunches with McKenna, Maddie, Kendra, and Emily||
||Visits from my aunt Fi and her brood||
||My education||
||Phone calls/texts from my momma||
||My beautiful, beautiful friends||
||Skype dates with momma||
||FaceTime with Kariel (even though I like, always flake)||
||Advice from my favorite cousin/sister, Paulina||
||Tumblr reblogs||
||Jessica Love‘s tweets about reality TV|| 
||My writing talent||
||Public speaking||
||The ability to use my voice to change the world||
||And last but certainly not least, my wheelchair||
What are YOU thankful for? 
Have a fabulous time stuffing your faces tomorrow. Happy Turkey Day!

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