Life of a Writer

[Bed time is the best time]

Well, it’s 9:30 on this fab Sunday night and the above picture is a perfect illustration of my day. You know, I wrote a different post about being an introvert a few weeks back and I wrote it because well, it’s how I felt. After receiving an email from my Creative Writing professor, I began to realize something about my hermit-like tendencies. People think that because I spend so much time in my room, cooped up with my laptop and phone, that I long for something different. To be completely honest, being a writer and a creative thinker means that my weekends consist of studying, reading, and writing. It consists of figuring out plots and characters, sentence structure and analytics, and yes, I do stare at my phone more than the average person, but most of the time I’m browsing Tumblr finding ideas that fit my aesthetic for this blog. Is it lonely? A majority of the time, yes. You’re alone a lot in a quiet environment (depending on the environment you choose to write in) and even after you’ve finished writing a “shitty first draft”, you have to go back and revise again and again until you are satisfied with your work. The problem with spending so much time alone with myself and getting very little sleep is that, as my cousin P points out, “You become a Grumplestiltskin, dude!” But I realized that, Grumpy or not, I’m doing what I want, how I want, when I want. That is more important to me than anyone else’s opinion. I am happiest when I am writing and yes, my weekends are sometimes a bore, but the upside is that my books won’t be. With all this said, I did find some great quotes/thoughts on Tumblr, enjoyed a delicious dinner, and took my Colours chair out for the day/night.

My blog will be experiencing a revamp in the next few weeks, so posts might be a bit scarce! Have a great Veteran’s Day and look out for a YouTube video later on about Gaga’s brand new album!


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