Five Things Friday!

Hey everyone! It’s been quite the week, let me tell you! This Tuesday was my last math test before my final and after a streak of really solid A’s, I got a 74% on this test… At first, I was really, really upset because I was quite enjoying the thrill of finally getting A’s in a subject I have previously sucked at. Then, I got to thinking how proud of myself I should be and that last semester when I took this Intermediate Algebra class for the very first time, I passed with a 66% which, in letter grades, is a solid D. Last semester, my test grades were 59%, 71%, and 60%. This semester, I received a 97%, a 95%, and a 74%. On top of this improvement, I now have a 92% in the class overall when last semester, I was clinging to a low C. What I learned this week is that I am way too hard on myself. After a fabulous summer session and great results, I pushed myself so hard this semester to top that. So much so that yesterday, I got physically sick and the exhaustion was unreal. I think this week I got maybe four hours of sleep. Maybe. I pushed myself over the edge to outdo myself and satisfy my incessant need for perfection in all things academic. The truth is, you’re not always going to ace every test or class, you’re not always going to get the job you want, or the college you applied to, and that’s totally okay. Yeah, it sucks and you may feel like a failure, but this too shall pass. All you have to remember is that for every major setback, there’s always a bigger comeback. So with that lil’ novel of a story, here are the five things I’ve enjoyed this week.
[Study sessions with P]
[Urban Outfitters employee discount card courtesy of P. It also works at Anthropologie and Free People.]
[Pumpkin spice lattes and Starbucks Christmas cups]

[Sunlight through my curtains]
[Sound advice from Tumblr (and just what I needed to hear)]
Have a good weekend!
All my love,

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