Surfing The Web Sunday

1. [Kanye rants on Jimmy Kimmel]
Oh, what a weekend it has been. Friday was my Uncle Murdoch’s birthday and we had a little celebration yesterday complete with Paella, cake (of course), and lots of kiddos runnin’ around the house. Other than getting my Etsy order in the mail, my weekend went as it usually does. I did  homework and was tutored in math. In between reading, writing, and more reading, I have used my breaks to read Hollywood gossip, search YouTube for funny/inspiring videos, and check Pinterest for fun things I can share with all of you.

Sadly, almost all of Gaga’s upcoming ARTPOP tracks were leaked by a hacker over the weekend. I’m not going to lie, I listened to a few HQ leaked tracks and they were amazing. However, it also upsets me because she worked so hard and probably had a whole plan for the ACTUAL date of release. *tear*
3. Gordon Ramsay has a softer side…?
I’ve found so many adorable things on YouTube, but this just melts my heart. Dare I say it?! Gordon Ramsay has a SOFT SIDE. This video is so cute and shows a different side of Ramsay’s personality.
4. Urban Outfitters

Since Urban won’t let me save the pictures on their site, I’ll just say that I love everything under their “Girls Just Wanna Get Gifts” tab. That is all.

This is all I have for now, but I’ll back next Sunday with more! Until then, here’s a thought of the day for you!

All my love,

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