Out With The Old, In With The New

 [The color of the fabric matched my pants (my pants are lighter in person.)]

 So, I am posting twice in one day because I cannot contain my excitement. As you all may or may not know, I not only have an affinity for online shopping, but when I find hand-made or vintage products, my heart bursts with joy! A while ago, I started following my friend Samantha’s blog, Lunes + Martes, and I found out she was starting a new lil’ business under the same name (read about it here!) I had been yearning to buy one for a while, but either I’ve been broke (college student woes), or couldn’t decide. I already own a Stanford laptop case (my obsession continues), but it’s a bit too manly for me, so I needed a little chic in my life. I absolutely love the simplicity of her multi-use clutches and the fact that each one I looked at fit my personal aesthetic. After my indecisiveness subsided, I chose the coral colored clutch.

1. Packaging


[I loved the multi-colored wrapping paper & the fact that I can use it again!]

[Little note & “Thank You” stamp]

2. In Action 

[Perfect fit]

               [SO PRETTY (please ignore the messiness/dirtiness of my desk]
I would also like to say rest in peace to my former Stanford case. You were great, but a lil’ too masculine.
I cannot wait to show my new purchase off EVERYWHERE I go. I’m so obsessed it’s ridiculous! 
Make sure to follow Samantha’s blog (link above) and if you would like to browse her Etsy shop or “like” her business on Facebook, click here:
Facebook: Lunes + Martes
Etsy Shop: Lunes + Martes
Have a wonderful weekend!

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