Five Things Friday!

Hey everyone! So, last week I totally forgot to do a FTF post, so this post is going to be FILLED with photos of the happenings in the past week or so. School has been FLYING by and I have six weeks left in this semester, so I’ve been lagging on finding five things, but I hope you like the ones I found!

My skin has been clearing up beautifully and it’s a great thing to see because I’ve struggled so much with acne over a span of like, eight years. On Selfie Sunday, I felt confident enough to take one. 🙂

I adore and am extremely thankful for Starbucks and their venti Pumpkin Spice Lattes. They were perfect to drink when the weather got chilly.
I got a 92.5 on my History midterm which I was NOT expecting at all. I almost cried… seriously!
[My momma sent me Lindt truffles for Halloween]
[Lady Gaga and her inspiring philosophy on conventional beauty and her fans.]

Happy Friday & first day of November!

♥ Miranda

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