We’ve all heard that standard, cliché Pinterest quote: “The quietest people have the loudest minds.” A recent conversation with my cousin has had me thinking a lot about myself. Paulina, who is never not an honest person, gave me a little bit of a pep talk after she called me at three in the afternoon and I… was still in bed. Yes, I know, shameful, right? Well, yeah. 
“You’re still in bed?! Are you kidding me?” When I told Paulina that I hadn’t fallen asleep until 5 A.M., she pointed out that that was the time she was getting up. Again, shameful. When she asked me why I wasn’t attending a friend’s Halloween soirée with her, my response was that I was “socially awkward”(when in reality, “socially awkward” is a cop-out, so the above description fits me much better) and she proceeded to ask me why/when I had turned into such a curmudgeon (most notably, she compared my new demeanor to that of my grandfather). She knew I wanted things to be different, but the truth is, whilst I sometimes long to really assert independence by driving myself places and living on my own (my grandparents are the true homies, though), I have realized something important: The funny thing about seeing my friends in college, some of them partying and some not, is that as much as I think I’d like to play a good ol’ game of beer pong and do keg stands and party like a s***-faced Gaga, I much prefer a nice big glass of Cabernet Sauvignon or steamy Starbucks hot chocolate sitting next to my MacBook as I edit my writings, grade essays, or dive into a new piece of literature. 
The thing about college (at least for myself) is that whilst I enjoy socializing with my colleagues and peers quite a bit, I feel much more at peace in my domicile, where it’s just me and my thoughts playing ping pong with each other, trying to figure out which new creative avenue to travel down. I understand that maybe this makes you think, “Sooo… you’re going from Homecoming Queen to Hermit?” But, the truth is, I’ve always been both. That is, reading books, writing, and composing music are very much solitary activities which do require a significant amount of alone time to think, feel, and connect with what you’re creating, but I also enjoy a good get-together sometimes. Diving into writing a new fiction piece or even my own memoirs has given me a chance to become more sure of myself as well as my convictions. I accept my strengths and yes, my weaknesses and I’m not afraid to embark on a journey all my own when I transfer to a university in a short time. 
Now, I know my cousin and I will have some crazy adventures filled with pandemonium (and trust me, Paulina, there’s no other person I’d want to adventure with and I love you way too much not to go away with you because you’re literally my truest friend), I also know that for right now, I am fine being Miranda, nose in a book or typing away on a keyboard, giving words a breath of life. 
With AAAAALL this said, my fellow introverts, rejoice in your somewhat reclusive lifestyle and most importantly, remember there is nothing wrong with a little quiet now and again. 
That’s it for today.

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