Casual Monday!

Hey my beautiful followers (even if it IS only one person reading my posts)! So, today is early registration day for Spring semester and I am (once again) taking fourteen units. In all honesty, I love summer sessions so much more because the professors are so much more on task than the ones I have now in that they don’t dilly dally.

I feel that because summer sessions are so condensed, I tend to do better under added pressure (not that I’m not doing well now) and the professors are much more relaxed. But, enough of my maundering. Next Spring, I am taking:

  • History M01B
  • French M01 (Beginning French and I am SO excited!)
  • Statistics
  • Survey of English Lit. II

I’m not going to kid you, I am nervous as (expletive), but I know I’ll do well! Regardless of my apparent fretting in this post, I have managed to put together an outfit for this casual Monday and since it’s going to be cooler in my neck of the woods, I’ll definitely be dressing in long sleeves!
* * * * * * * 
Have a beautiful and productive Monday!

All my ♥,


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