Surfing The Web Sunday

I am super upset that there ISN’T a day between Sunday and Monday, but I’m thankful I only have one class tomorrow morning that is only an hour and fifteen minutes. Now, just because I have to get up early (my class is at 10) does not mean I’m going to bed early tonight. Chances are, I’ll probably be up until four in the AM per usual.

I finished my midterms this past week and it’s taken everything in me not to worry, worry, worry! I am positive I passed them all, but I just want to know the grade already. (The struggle is SO REAL, you guys!) To take my focus off of anything scholastic, Sundays are reserved for drinking tea and surfing the wonderful  INTERNET. Here are some of my favorites from today/this week!




I’ll make sure to add more of my internet finds soon, so stay tuned for next Sunday!

Make sure to follow Melissa’s blog, No. 2 Pencil- Cook, Bake, Create to see her must-have Fall recipes!

Happy Sunday, my loves!



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