So, this has been in my drafts for two months now because I didn’t know how to articulate this…
Ever since I was little, I’ve been quite the jumpy individual. I know what you’re thinking, “Oh, we are all jumpy at times!” NO. Sure, we jump at loud noises and it startles us, but for me, it’s ten times worse. 
If someone walks up to me, even if I SEE them, I jump ten feet! Everything from whispers, honks, beeping, you name it, I will jump. Usually people’s reactions range from laughter to puzzlement and mine is… Well, embarrassment. I could never explain it, so I let people laugh. It’s become the longest running joke in my family (which is COMPLETELY okay because I give it right back) and I just brush it off.
It wasn’t until recently that curiosity got me and I started conducting research of my own. What I have is called a startle reflex. It is especially common amongst those with Cerebral Palsy and there is also a trigger shoulder (the right or left shoulder people tend to tap). At first I laughed, but then I realized that such descriptions were true to my “jumping bean” issue. I always knew that the jumping had something to do with the Cerebral Palsy, but I wanted to be absolutely sure. 
So, if you’ve ever come up to me or made a loud noise and made me jump, now you know why! Also, sorry for scaring YOU if I have!

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