Tumblr Tuesday and BIG Plans Ahead

It’s Tuesday and I am already tired. Usually when I lack inspiration to do pretty much anything, I lounge in my purple wheelchair listening to Gaga or watching re-runs of The Real Housewives. Today, however, is a day that is chockfull of inspiration and creative ideas. Usually I go to Pinterest for a DIY tutorial, but today I got lost in the world of Tumblr and a few things caught my eye.

I also have like, zero possibilities of ever having a social life again, so Tumblr lets me blog about the people I would love to meet and the places I’d love to see, but won’t get the chance (at least for now). See, I happened to take a trip this summer to visit my top two college choices: Stanford University and UC Berkeley. I’ve always adored Stanford because of the family history and connection I have with it, but I needed to visit it one more time to make sure I still REALLY wanted to attend. I had the academic chops to attend right out of high school, but I wasn’t ready physically to embark on a journey eight hours away from my family. Soooo, I am here attending Moorpark Junior College gettin’ all prepared and ready to go. The problem? I chose one of the hardest schools to transfer to. Stanfy, as I like to call it, has a FOUR PERCENT acceptance rate for transfer students….
The trip back to Stanford after an eight year absence really solidified and confirmed what I’ve known all along: STANFORD IS WHERE I AM MEANT TO BE. Coming back in June for my summer classes, I meant business. I shut down my Facebook, put my memoir editing to the side, and hit the books. I earned straight A’s (as you all saw in a previous post) and continue to kick ass in this semester’s courses. I have recently decided that I want to get my PhD so I can teach college level (in addition to, you know, writing books and rolling like a boss). Basically, this novel of a post means that, for the next however many years it takes me to obtain my PhD, I will no longer be a fun-loving, 19-year-old, but a reclusive curmudgeon that eats La Boulange pastries and drinks caffeinated beverages all day for the rest of her life. 
Thank you to whoever made it to the end of this lonnnng post and enjoy pictures of Stanfy! 

Images via Tumblr

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