Wildflower Love & The Lady Herself

Hey, guys! Soooo, I’ve been slacking on updating my blog, but this past week has been crazy busy and exciting! I just started Fall semester and my schedule is JAM-PACKED. (Maybe it just seems that way because it’s the first week.) As I said in my last post, I am taking:

  • Creative Writing (my forte)
  • Intermediate Algebra (most definitely NOT my forte)
  • Astronomy
  • History of Western Civilization (which doesn’t start until September 10th)
As always, I am super excited to get back in the academic game! Anywho, enough about school (it is Friday, after all.) I recently received a small gift from my Uncle Murdoch in the form of a phone case! If you don’t already know, since getting my iPhone 5, I’ve been OBSESSED with cases and bought a plethora of different ones (my bank account hates me) but thankfully for me, my uncle stepped in and helped feed my new fetish. My most recent case came from Wildflower Cases and I am OBSESSED with it. They have a bunch of different styles, colors, and designs so go to their website, check them out, and share the Wildflower Love! 
Wildflower contact info:
Instagram: (@wildflowercases)
This is my first case: Blue Floral Pyramid. As I said, there are sooo many different designs! Pick yours! 🙂
In other GAGA-related news: you may have seen on my Instagram that I’m kind of (REALLY) done with people bullying not just her, but anyone. I don’t see the point and frankly, if you have to put someone down for your own personal gain, you need help. As far as Gaga goes, part of why I am such a devotee, is because Gaga seems to understand what it’s like to be different. People accuse her all the time of “copying” other artists and insinuate that she’s a mean person because she’s spoken out about several issues and taken certain people to task on the way they treat others. 
As for the “copy” claims: I freely admit that while her stuff is sometimes derivative and mimics other artists’ work, WHO DOESN’T DO THAT THESE DAYS?! Everything that is in music right now CAME FROM SOMEWHERE ELSE! As fun as it is to accuse someone of something (especially knowing they typically don’t fight back), threatening to tie a rope around someone’s neck or wishing death upon them, isn’t going to help anyone. I fully understand that people are entitled to their own opinions and that’s what makes the world go ’round, however, if you don’t like a song on the radio or a person on TV, change the channel! It’s that simple (and a lot less time-consuming) than wasting time making a stupid gossip blog bashing another person!
That being said, I am elated and ecstatic that Gaga will open this Sunday’s VMA’s with the FIRST EVER live performance of her latest smash single ‘Applause’! Gaga has been doing a lot of promotion on radio lately, but as every Little Monster (myself included) knows, G is all about us, her fans. I peruse  Tumblr quite often and come across numerous photos of her out and about in LA and New York. She’s killin’ it lately:

Just a few 🙂
She’s working with different wigs (or weaves) which I LOVE, BUT I adore her short hair even more. Here she is discussing her new album with her new short ‘do!

I am literally going to pee my pants when she comes out onstage Sunday night and makes everyone “put your hands up/ make them touch.” Her last opening was lackluster (at least for me) but the 2009 performance of ‘Paparazzi’ was mind-blowingly fantastic! As a little Flashback Friday, here is a high quality video (at least as high quality as I could find) of that amazing performance:
Don’t forget to watch the 2013 MTV VMA’s on Sunday at 9 🙂

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