Good grades & great food

Hey! SO, it is with great pleasure that I announce….


First of all, you would not believe how crazy it was to check my grades (after a week of checking them and seeing NOTHING) and see that I had proven so many people wrong. You see, I had people tell me I couldn’t/wouldn’t do it and for the stupidest reason of all: my wheelchair. I walked into this summer semester hearing the same ‘ole crap: “Summer classes are six-eight weeks and our counselors are encouraged to admonish students against taking more than one. You won’t be able to do it.” Never, ever, under ANY circumstances, say that to me! For one thing, these people had no idea what my study habits were, how little of a social life I have (sad but true), and how much dedication I have.

So I walked out of their office(s) and said, “OK, let the games begin.” I shut down my Facebook (mostly because I think Facebook has become quite boring) and let all my friends know of my hiatus due to all matters academic. I worked my ass off and read every sentence in every one of my books, proofread every essay four times, and took every extra credit opportunity. Linguistics was especially difficult because the professor had a monotone voice and I would doze off frequently. The other classes were difficult as well, but for very different reasons.
Philosophy requires a lot of critical and analytical thinking which I’m good at, however, the quizzes were even more difficult than the essays themselves. Sociology was great except the tests had a lot of double negatives in the questions which had me reading them over and over until I confused myself. Word to the wise: If you think an answer is right, it probably is. Go with your gut as they say! I can’t tell you how many times I would’ve gotten a question right had I followed my first instinct.

All in all, the summer semester flew by! I am so grateful for all the friends I have made and the professors I had the pleasure of knowing. I start my second year at Moorpark in four days and I could not be more excited!

In attempting to find some vacation time away from anything scholastic, I took a drive with my new BFFS (my wonderful grandparents) up to Ventura, CA. We had a nice lunch at a restaurant called Meridians and then sat at the beach staring out at the pier. (We also fed seagulls and it scared the crap out of me). If you are ever in the Ventura area and have time, I highly recommend you eat there. Their Rigatoni (my personal favorite menu item) is fantastic! Here is their website in case you want to check ’em out: Meridians Café

The Rigatoni is THE BEST!

Cheddar Kettle Chips 


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