Habits, Obsessions, Addictions

Hey guys! So the third installment in my series of writing prompts (eventually I’ll stop numbering them) says:

What are your bad habits and/or addictions that you wish you could get rid of or are trying to stop?

Oh my goodness! Let’s start with my addictions:
1. Obviously Starbucks!

2. Okay, I recently embarked on a trip up north and visited the little town of Cambria, stopping at a tiny shop called A Matter of Taste, and although there weren’t very many department stores (actually none), this store is perfect for a foodie like myself. They had everything to feed anyone’s culinary passion!

Please go to  A Matter of Taste and check out their site and if you are ever in Cambria, check them out!
3. I am not ashamed to admit that I do have a shopping addiction (as does every girl) and I enjoy a little retail therapy every once in a while, BUUUUT, I AM extremely frugal with my money and even though I am not at a big university yet, I have been thrust into the adult world and having to be responsible for all my financial decisions… It’s a bit exhausting, but worth it in the end. 

So, we all know the petty habits most of us have liiiike… biting our nails (?) but I have to say that my worst habit is getting waaaay ahead of myself. For example, my book. I’ve been working on this thing for over three years. I mean, it’s starting to become like War & Peace. I kept giving myself deadlines (really unrealistic deadlines) and telling myself it would be easier than it was. I would have it all planned out in my head, this idea of literary bliss. Publish a book? Sounds easy enough, Miranda, right? NOPE. Each sentence has to be looked over once, twice, maybe four times before I am able to send it off to be critiqued once more.
I feel like the thing that is also a habit as well as a hindrance, is the fact that as a creative and artistic person, I have my own ideologies of perfection, and sometimes I let that get in the way and ruin the integrity of my writing. Of course, I do have a deadline as of now, but hey, that could change. 
All in all, I am working day by day, project by project, to become a bit more lax in terms of how I deal with my creative endeavors. It isn’t going to be easy, but it’ll happen! 🙂 

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