"A little party never killed nobody…"

SO VERY SORRY FOR MY NEGLIGENCE ALL! I’ve been super busy studying, writing, editing, and addressing recent health concerns! Where to begin…?

Well, a little “housekeeping” first of all. 
The writing activities I’ve been sharing with you will resume later this week. 
As all of you may or may not know, I am a BIG LADY GAGA FAN and I’m SUPER stoked for Gaga’s new album, ARTPOP, BUUUUUUT, a demo of hers has leaked called “Burqa” which is said to have made the final cut of her record, however… I’m just not feelin’ it… There. I said it. Cue all the gasps and shocked expressions. Contrary to what everyone may think, I am a loyal ‘Little Monster’, but I don’t love everything she does as I am entitled to my own perspectives and opinions. I don’t have to love everything all the time just because it’s Gaga! Sorry to all the other Monsters out there, but hey, it’s just a demo… For now.

UPDATE: BURQA IS NOT ON THE ALBUM! In fact, it’s not even a current song, but who knows? Maybe she’ll release it anyway!

Apart from that miscellaneous news, my life has been CONSUMED with my summer classes: philosophy, linguistics, and sociology! I’m finished with philosophy and sociology and received A’s in both and linguistics is still in progress!

I am so happy & feel so accomplished because both classes were a challenge for me. The professors were fantastic & I learned so much!
Meanwhile, I’ve become quite smitten with Twitter (follow me if you please: @MirandaWrites3) and usually I feel weird bothering public figures with my questions and comments mostly because I feel they’ll never respond, HOWEVER, my FAVORITE PEOPLE HAVE FOLLOWED AND RESPONDED TO ME!
Take a gander below:
Tiphany and Chelsie from the Sundance Channel’s original series Push Girls have both followed me. If you don’t know who or what Push Girls is, GOOGLE, GOOGLE, GOOGLE!
Then, Selena Quintanilla’s (no, not Selena Gomez) brother followed me the other day!!!! YOU GUYS! Selena WAS my childhood hero (and still is) so basically, I cried!
And finally, CAROLINE MANZO responded to my tweets & I figuratively peed myself. 
Caroline is from The Real Housewives of Nj!
Aside from that, I’ve continued my writing efforts, am still a coffee consumer, and have shopped, dropped, and enjoyed the company of my wonderful family! 
My mug from favorite store: Anthropologie!
I am in love with Steve!
I have an addiction!
A little party never killed nobody! 😉
Until next time,

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