Update on my college endeavors & #2 in the writing exercise…

Hello Lovelies! A little update concerning my summer classes:


Despite the fact that I put that in all caps and used a Seinfeld gif of happy dancing, estoy muy triste (Spanish for “I am very sad” and I figured I need to exercise my bilingual capabilities). ‘Tis true that I am, in fact, sad to see it end, but I am glad I don’t have to worry about another test. Now to focus on Philosophy and Linguistics… More to come from that. 
For now, I would like to focus my attention (and yours) on the 2nd installment in my writing activity. If you missed my last blog post, I am now answering a series of questions to let you all know a little more about me each week. The first question was answered and can be viewed if you scroll down 🙂 Here is #2: 
What 5 websites do you visit often, and why?

Oh boy, that’s a hard one! I’ll do them in random order!

1. Pinterest: I love Pinterest because, well, it’s like hoarding without the clutter. I have over 1,000 pins and I love, love the fact that if I click on the pin, I can (potentially) buy it!  BUT… Can you say distraction? 
Follow me on Pinterest!
2. Tumblr: I can blog as many useless photos as I so please! Especially ones concerning Lady Gaga… 
Follow me on Tumblr!
3. Instagram: Insta, Insta, Insta… My life through photos (if you only saw my life through Instagram, you’d find out the sad truth that my life is only valid through the existence of Starbucks and my dog).
Follow me on Instagram: @mirandagracecasanova

4. Modcloth.com: They have. Such cute. Clothes. It’s AMAZEFEST USA! (I MAKE UP NEW WORDS.) You will especially find their stuff cute if you have an affinity for all things vintage/retro, but it also has modern fashions as well!
Here’s Modcloth!
5. Goodreads: For the obvious reason that I love to read and dive into new worlds every week! Also, who doesn’t love reading? It’s the sexiest trend… 😉 I literally just discovered it through what else? PINTEREST!
And, of course, my blog because it’s always fun to share my little corner of the world with others!
What about you? Share some of your fav websites!

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