A fun writing activity courtesy of Tumblr!

Soooo…. I’m OBSESSED with Tumblr! For those of you who are unaware of the greatness that is Tumblr, click the link I have provided and that will take you to the log-in page where you can sign up (if you don’t already have one). I will post the link to my Tumblr at the end of this post!

Anywho, I was perusing tumblaaa (picture me saying that in a British accent), and I came across a writing exercise that I thought would be quite fun to do. It is a series of prompts/questions that I have to write about. Some of these I won’t answer as they don’t apply to me or are I’ll make up my own. I’ll be posting two a week (more if I feel like it). Here comes the first one:

1.  Name something you lost or gave away that can never be replaced.

Hmm, I would have to say it ’twas a person that I lost. A friendship, to be more concise. I met her in Kindergarten and we were really, really close for the longest time ( try as long as ten years) and then to use a popular phrase, “the shit hit the fan” (!) and we grew apart. We had our disagreements and wanted to strangle each other sometimes, but for the most part, we always had each other’s backs. That is, until middle school. We were on completely different pages. I was going through personal issues, changes to my self-esteem and she was focused on… Well, come to think of it, I really didn’t know and still don’t. The first week of seventh grade, she walked up to me as I waited for her to come with me to lunch, and said, “Hey, well, you can go hang out with your other friends, okay?” 

Um, what other friends? The truth is, I had none. At least not yet. 
So there I was: surrounded by a sea of people, yet I was completely alone. I felt like crap. Little did I know, this would set the tone for the rest of middle school. (Middle school really sucks. For anyone.). Over the course of our first year at Sinaloa M.S., we grew further and further apart from each other. We went from the occasionally chat in between classes before descending into the “We’ve only known each other for ten years, but let’s pretend we  are total strangers” phase. And without any notice, our friendship was over.

We both went to different high schools. I moved to a different town. She got accepted to UCLA and I continued living in my hometown and I am currently going to junior college. I saw her once a year and a half ago, when she came to visit. It was so awkward. Sad, really. How can someone you knew everything about, someone you thought would be there until the end (corny, I know), become like a complete stranger? 

But alas, regardless of how it all ended and the fact that we never talk anymore, that friendship taught me loyalty, trust, and to expect the unexpected. Those lessons can never be replaced and neither can the memories we made. 

Another prompt will be posted this week or next! Meanwhile, here is a link to my Tumblr 🙂 : MY TUMBLR!


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