4 A.M.

That’s right, folks! It’s  four in the morning and whilst I should be attempting to sleep, of course I am up doing what every sleep- deprived college student is doing: I am writing.  I hope you were able to detect the sarcasm in my last sentence because I’ve come to realize that I am not every other college student. The truth is, all my writing, whether it be for my memoir or just to satisfy a craving for that creative power, is done between 11 P.M. and 5 A.M. Of course, this creates unwanted conflict when it comes to having to wake up for school, but hey, that’s what a Starbucks White Chocolate Double Energy Shot is for… right?

I choose to write at night and well into early morning because no one is around me and no one questions or prods me for information about school or life in general. My door is shut, my curtains are drawn, my phone is off, and the only thing I can hear is the music coming from my headphones and the faint sound of my fingers typing away on the keyboard. So, with that said, I decided I’d write a poem about my night owl tendencies on the spot:

Everything feels better when I’m alone
The words flow and the punctuation is right
No one else is awake and it’s only me
Silence the phone and draw the curtains closed.

Is this deprivation or my objection to sleep?
I bask in the beauty of this beautiful, black sky
and I enjoy the gorgeous silence because
I know that in a few short hours, Sun will swallow the stars in one sweet sweep.

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