5 nice things

So these last two months have been jam packed with public speaking event after public speaking event…
I’ve experienced and met a lot of wonderful people as a result.
I thought for my first blog post since being on hiatus, I’d share some things I’ve learned:

I am truly, truly blessed and thankful for being given a voice and a message to share with the world. You know, it’s funny because even after every speech, there is at least one person who STILL stereotypes me. It is really annoying and disconcerting because it’s almost as if these people have an idea of those who have conditions such as mine. Like we should constantly be in a melancholy state because we have two wheels attached to the side of our asses. Like we can’t do anything or say anything. For example, I went into the administration building at my school to schedule a school wide speaking engagement. There was someone behind me who was not with me and when it was my turn to speak, the guy at the front desk began:
“What is her name?”
Before he could speak, I looked at him and said loudly, “MY name is MIRANDA MACDONALD!”
Both of them looked at me, shocked.
The one at the front desk allowed me to speak and when I was done, said, “Sorry, I didn’t know you were able to articulate…”
I left that day with a greater appreciation for what I am ABLE to do rather than obsessing and feeling sorry for myself over what I can’t do. In my speech the next day, I addressed this with the class and asked them to challenge themselves.
“Look in the mirror, no matter how your hair looks or if you don’t have any makeup on. Just look in the mirror and begin your day by (trying) to say five nice things about yourself. It may be difficult but any process worth learning from isn’t going to be easy.”
So, friends, I challenge you to look in the mirror at least once a day and say five nice things about yourself. If you believe in yourself and believe who you are, everyone else will see it, too.

Of course, we will have those days where we just want to scream and let go of our frustration. Whenever the “five nice things” doesn’t work, watch this video:

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