Deadlines. Little Miss Obsessive. Tik Tok.

Can I just say, I despise deadlines. However, I do have somewhat of a deadline for my book. I gave myself a deadline of three years because frankly, I don’t want to be 40 and wishing I published this. I have goals and I will achieve them, I have dreams and I will make them a reality. To be honest, my ultimate goal is to get this book finished by the end of my senior year. I’ve made promises and I plan to keep them. Plain and simple.
The next thing I want to talk about is the chapter I recently started working on. What’s funny is, I never go in order. Whatever stories I type are just random, not for a certain chapter. That is, unless  it fits a certain chapter chronologically. In this chapter I talk about my obsession with not just Gaga, but every other obsession I’ve had for the past 17 years:
Michael Jackson
Britney Spears
Hillary Duff
Selena (again)
Meryl Streep(Still admire her… A LOT.)
Taylor Swift(for like a day)
First off, you probably think I’m the biggest psycho but let me explain:
All of these people came into my life at different points. In a way, I needed them. Let me use Lady Gaga since she’s the most recent. Gaga is one of those people who gets judged… A LOT. And scrutinized, torn down, etc,. Whether people think she has a penis or her clothes are stupid, she is judged like NO OTHER MOTHER. I can see myself in her, basically, is what I’m saying. I feel like she understands people like me. People that have one thing that makes them different. She’s taught me how to use my condition as a platform for hope. I honestly believe that God brings me all these people along the way to help me get through the little things. To explain it in a way you all will understand is… Difficult. I say it’s difficult because truth be told, no one gets it. When I explain it in my book, it’s through situations I’ve experienced that have to do with that person. For example, Gaga: I found out on a talk show I was watching that she loves Disney Princesses and her favorite is Ariel. I recently made a trip to The Happiest Place on Earth and stopped by Ariel’s spot to meet her. Here’s how the convo went:
A: Well, aren’t you a beautiful little princess.
Me(slightly offended because I’m not little): Thanks… I had a question…?
A: Yes, dear?
Me: Did you know that you’re Lady Gaga’s favorite princess?
A:(silence)… OH. Well she is a beautiful princess!
So basically, my life was made in that two minute conversation with a princess/Disneyland employee.
Because of Gaga, I will probably never forget this particular trip to Disneyland partly because it was slightly awkward but anywhooooooo… I need to get back to writing so I shall check back in a few days and give you all more updates.
P.S. My song of the day: Tik Tok by Ke$ha
Click to listen.

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